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 *Soups subject to change based on availability* 

Add a Bread Stick $1.00

Savory Squash (V)


Sausage Lentil


16oz. bowl take out-$6.00

32oz. quart take out - $12.00


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Call in and order for quick pickup. 262-245-9077


During our busy time, custom sandwich orders will not be taken. Thank you for understanding!

Order any salad or sandwich as a WRAP

choice of Stacy's organic flour wrap or gluten free bread.

Gouda Bird……...9.99

Turkey, gouda, cranberries, spinach, tomato, onion & pesto-mayo

S.A.M.   ............…...9.99

Swiss, apple, maple ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, honey mustard

Kickin' Chicken…..9.99

Chicken, 3 pepper Colby, onion, roasted red peppers & mayo

Tuna Toona……...10.49

Homemade tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, onion & sprouts

4 Cheese Panini…..8.49

Provolone, swiss, cheddar, gouda, pesto-mayo

Meat Monster…….11.49

Ham, salami, pepperoni, muenster, with lettuce, tomato, onion, sub dressing, deli mustard,  mayo

Beef Vermont…….12.99

Roast beef, horseradish mayo, Vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion

Pastrami on Rye….12.99

Pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut, deli mustard


 (No Custom orders during peak hours)


Caesar Wrap..........9.49

Turkey, bacon, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, lettuce, onion & tomato

Chia Wrap…………....9.49

Avocado, cucumber, greens, spinach, onion, tomato, cream cheese, sprouts & chia seeds

Hummus Wrap….......9.49

Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spinach, hummus, onions. avocado, roasted red peppers & sprouts

Smokin' Chicken Wrap.........9.99

Chicken tossed in smoked tomato suace, blue cheese & onions. Served hot.


organic and made to order.

Green Goddess…...9.99

Mixed greens, onion, tomato, artichokes, cucumber, mixed olives & feta and deli dressisng

Bay Salad……….9.99

D Marie ’ s curry chicken salad on mixed greens with cranberries & pecans and deli dressing

BELT Spinach…....9.99

Bacon, egg salad, tomato, spinach, pecans & red onion and delii dressing

Chopped Cobb……12.99

Bacon, eggs, lettuce, avocado, chicken, tomato, blue cheese, onion. With your choie of Baisami Vinaigrett or Ranch dressing on the side.

Seasonal Salad…...9.99

Created with in Season vegetables



Green Grocer Gourmet Pizza




The Greek
Olive oil, garlic, spinach, feta, olives




The 3 P’s


Marinara, pepperoni, provolone, parmesan




The Artisan 


Olive oil, apple, salami, bleu cheese, caramelized onions




The GG Veg


Pesto, roasted artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, spinach, goat cheese




The Un"brie"lievabe 


Spreadable brie, pears, carmaeilized onions. finshed with arugula and balsamic glaze




In A Pickle 


Bourson Cheese, piclkes, carmaeilized onions. provolone cheese




Now made with Naan Bread for $9.99, or gluten free for a $2.50 up charge 







*Deli Options change daily, please call for selection! 

**sold by weight 

Turkey black bean enchiladas

D Marie’s chicken curry salad

Pesto pasta salad

Quinoa salad

Lemon Artichoke Pasta

Egg Salad

Famous Tuna Pasta Salad

Bacon topped Potato Salad

Quiche du Jour



$8.50  You can now add proten for $2.00 more.

Wild berry smoothie 

mixed berries, yogurt, mega-antioxidant juice

Banana Bay 

banana, yogurt, mega-antioxidant juice 

substitute yogurt for coconut milk to make it vegan!